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Mercenaries[edit | edit source]

By assigning Mercenaries to your Guild Members they will be more effective in battle. Lower level Guild Members can fight still fight higher level monsters if they have strong Mercenaries supporting them.

  • Warriors: The recruiting speed is fast and the attack/defense power is balanced.
  • Engineers: Slow moving class but their defense is high. They also deal bonus damage to barriers
  • Archers: High attack power but rather lower defense power
  • Knights: high movement speed and high stat but production time takes long and exhaustion of resources is big
  • Magicians: Long production time and a large cost to your resources, however their attack power against an enemy Emperium is huge

Properties[edit | edit source]

Attackers compensate a % of attack power based on their own and the defenders’ properties. The picture to the right shows the bonuses applied when attacking or defending with these properties.

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