Camp Overview So right now you are looking at your camp and you say to yourself "Wow. There are buttons and numbers everywhere. WHAT DO I DO?". Don't worry about it. Here is a little cheat sheet to get you started on whats going on here:

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  • A. Resources: Tap and see the amount of resources, the military strength, amount of food, and contributiveness of the camp. (If you tap, detailed description screen appears).
  • B. Server Time: Standard Server time.
  • C. Name of Camp: Shows the name of the camp you see on the screen.
  • D. Shop: Buy items with Shop Points.
  • E. Zeny and Magic Stone: Amount of Zeny (game money) and Magic Stone you have.
  • F. Buff Effect: Shows the Buff Effect of the time-limited items and skills applied to the camp.
  • G. Sub Camp: Shows the number of sub camps. Tab to see the list of sub camps and favorites.
  • H. Construction Status: Tab to check the construction status, use items or cancel construction.
  • I. Research Status: Tab to check the research status, use items or cancel research.
  • J. Movement Status: Tab to check the Guild Membmer movement status, use items or cancel movement.
  • K. Sub-Master: You can ON/OFF the Sub-masters’ notification in ‘Option’.
  • L. Chat: Go to chat screen.
  • M. Camp: Shows the camp’s buildings, level, construction status.
  • N. Map: Shows the map of near the camp area. You can send troops to fight battles.
  • O. Members: Shows information of the Guild’s members. Recruiting Guild Members
  • P. Alliance: Create new alliance or see the current alliance’s info.
  • Q. Community: Use the forum or exchange messages.
  • R. Quest: Quests’ info.
  • S. Result: Shows the result of the battles, transportation, and trades.
  • T. Ranking: Shows the rankings of the countries, alliances, guilds, and members.
  • U. Option: Logout, On/Off Notification, Help.
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