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Dark Dimension[edit | edit source]

Main Camp and Sub-Camp:

  • The Main camp is in the territory selected and it cannot be a targeted by other guilds. However, there’s a possibility to be attacked by monsters but the Emporium will not be destroyed.
  • Sub-camp in the country can’t be a target from other guilds. However, there’s a possibility to be attacked by monsters and it can result in destruction of Emperium.
  • Sub-camps in the Dark Dimension can be a target by other guilds and there’s the possibility of the Emperium getting destoryed.

HP Recovery

  • The HP of members awaiting in the camp recovers as time goes by..
  • If you return from battle with HP status 0, your status turns into ‘Recovery’. You are unable to order anything until a full HP recovery.

Battle in Dark Dimension

  • In the Dark Dimension, you are only able to attack a connecting point to your own country. (able to attack the a diagonal location)
  • You can seize an Empty Field or a Resource Field in Dark Dimension by dispatching members from the camp in the country. However, you can only attack other camps or dungeons when you dispatch members from the camp in the Dark Dimension.
  • When battling for an Empty Field or a Resource field, if you cannot defeat everyone, you will be force to return to your camp.
  • If you battle with the enemy camps/members in the Dark Dimension, you both will be forced to return to your camp regardless of victory or defeat.
  • When members of several groups are trying to battle, the first attacker and defender to arrive will start to fight immediately.
  • When defending a camp in Dark Dimension, a defender who does not belong to the defending camp will not get the ‘camp barrier bonus’.
  • If your camp is a target of others in Dark Dimension, you will get a warning message through the sub-master.


  • Double-click your destination and a detailed window will be shown. Then click the “Dispatch” button.
  • Select the group based on the location of departure among awaiting member (maximum 5 people)
  • Select the member to dispatch. You can choose either "attack and occupy" or "attack and recall back".
  • Number of members you can dispatch will be decided based on the level of Command Center that the guild member who gets picked first belongs to.
  • Mercenary assignment is available only when the guild members are in the camp.

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