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Game crashingEdit

To prevent the crashing, when logged into the game go to "Settings", in the "ON/OFF" tab disable all the "Sub-Master info:" boxes. This should prevent a majority of the crashes you are experiencing. 

Facebook login issues on IOSEdit

If you are unable to log in with your Facebook account, please follow these steps to fix that issue. Log out of Facebook on your device General Settings. From there start Ash Vacuum and select log in using Facebook. Enter your Facebook information and it should allow you to use the account. 

How do I recall my Members?Edit

To recall a member to the camp, go to the "Command Center", acces the "Issue Order" tab, select the member you would like to have return and click "Recall". 

How do I complete the Quest where I need to Recruit Troops?Edit

To complete the quests, make sure you recruit troops and have them stay in the village. If you send troops to the Guild Members it will not count it. Once you have acquired the required troops the quest will be completed. 

Sharing Resources around the CampEdit

The Camp has about a 9 x 9 cell around the village for players to share resources with. Once shared, depending on your location in the Continent, you will gain additional resources/hr for the resource you choose to share. 

Obtaining a Second VillageEdit

To obtain a second village, once you have completed enough quests (Contribution points), you will be provided with an option to build a new village. You will notice the Emperium Icon (Yellow Crystal) in the top right show 1/2 instead of 1/1. The number 2 represents a new village. 

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