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Stats[edit | edit source]

A. Job: Job Changes are available at Level 10 in the Skill Center
B. Level: The maximum level is 20
C. Name: Can be changed in this status window
D: Main Force: Primary Weapon Type, this greatly increases your attack power.
E. ATK element: It will be activated when equipping a property card in it. ATK will be increased based on skill and armor's property.
F. DEF element: It will be activated when equipping a property card in it. ATK will be decreased based on attacker's weapon property.
G. HP: Current and Maximum status of stamina based on the level and VIT
H. Force: Current and Maximum status of stamina based on the level and VIT. This is the number of total Mercenary you can take with this guild member.
I. EXP: Current EXP and Remaining amount before leveling.
J. ATK: Equals Attack Power. It can be upgraded with ATK + Skills. Attack is only used when Attacking
K. DEF: Equals Defense Level. This is applied only during Defense. Defense is only used when Defending.
L. VIT: Higher VIT increases Max HP and number of mercenaries
M. DEX: Higher DEX increases Skill Activation rate
N. POINT: 2 Stat Points are awarded each time you level up. You will need to distribute them when you have Stat Points Available.
O. Basic Stat: Basic stats and Stat points
P. Equip: Stats increased by wearing items.
Q. Class: Compensation stat. It can be changed once you changed your job
R. Current Location: Current location. Once tabbed you will be teleported to that map.

Member Growth[edit | edit source]

1. Leveling Up Members

Through dungeon or battle at the Dark Dimension. EXP will be acquired and every time a member's level increases, 2 status points will be given.

2. Learning New Skills

In the main camp, you can learn new skills at the Skill Research Camp.
After Successfully learning a new skill, you can choose a member in the main camp and have him or her learn that skill.

3. Skill Usage

If "%" sign is shown in the skill, this skill can be used in battle.
Skill containing Skill-Activation-Rate ↑ effect will have priority in battle. (When activating, it will increase other skills' activation rate) Active Skill with 'USE' button is only available when you are stying at your camp location:
               - Skill effect and skill cool downs is 120 minutes long (2 hours)
Skill effect time displays in the buff effect window on the main screen.
Your members cannot receive an order when they are using or on a cool down for skills, they also cannot participate in battle.

4. Member Activity

At the Skill Research Lab, you may have a chance at increasing an attribute by activating an available guild member.
Be aware the member who helped you increase the attribute will leave the guild.
Research success depands on the displayed success rate.

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