1. Start by finishing the quests.[edit | edit source]

Start the game and Tutorial Mode will begin. Follow the instructions so you can get used to the controls of the game. You will get rewards at the end of every quest. It is more practical to play the game by following the quests, than playing all willy-nilly.

2. Establish a good foundation by developing your camp.[edit | edit source]

Establish a good level of the basic resource in your camp. The higher level your resource levels are the more efficient your resource collecting becomes. Consequently it will make it possible to strengthen your army more rapidly as well.

3. Increase your Guild Members[edit | edit source]

Recruit new guild member through the Guild HQ or Item Shop.

4. Strengthen your Guild Members[edit | edit source]

You can increase the strength of your Guild Members by obtaining equipment and weapons. To obtain items and level your members, find the nearest dungeon and raid them!

You can also add to your force by recruiting mercenaries at the training center.

Do not forget to increase ATK and DEF in the Attack and Defense Boot camp. (ATK and DEF training will be applied to those mercenaries belonging to their respective camps.)

5. Into the Dark Dimension[edit | edit source]

If you enter the Dark Dimension located at the middle of the world map, you can get good EXP and contributions. In the Dark Dimension, you can attack other camps through battling with guilds in other countries.

However, only those that set up the camp in the Dark Dimension can attack other camps. So if you want to enjoy PVP, you should go to the Dark Dimension.

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