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Ragnarok: Ash Vacuum is a mobile Strategic Empire Building Role Playing game in which you can build towns, level characters, raid dungeons and attack others.

Available on iOS and Android


A long time ago, through the effort of anonymous adventurers, Satan Morroc was locked up in the basement of the desert city Morroc. As time went by, the seal holding him prisoner began to crack and once again, Satan Morroc rose from the dead.

The lingering fatal threats prompted the three kingdoms to make a mutual non-aggression pact, join forces, and seek brave members for the expedition to get rid of Satan Morroc once more.

Now Satan Morocc has been forced back into the Dimensional Gorge, but still threatens the world with his return! Are you the Guild Master that can gather adventurous and brave heroes to your side to stop Morocc for good?

Create your Guild camp, gather resources, and train your Guild members!
Hire mercenaries to power up your army as you descend upon the Dimensional Gorge!
Expand your influence and build new camps ever closer to the raging battle between Satan Morocc and the Nations of Midgard!
Join up with other guilds of your Nation into powerful alliances as you begin to encroach upon the center of the Dimensional Gorge!
BUT - be wary of other Guild Leaders because the other Nations of Midgard are also sponsoring Guild Masters towards the same goal of stopping Morocc.

Will you be at peace with them, or will you clash on the fields of battle as your Alliances gather to compete for resources and glory?!


  • Exceptional quality graphics for buildings and maps! Distinguished and individual attributes for each character of the three kingdoms transporting you to another world of adventure!
  • Strong story line based on the original Ragnarok: Guild Masters!
  • Over 300 kinds of items and various cards for upgrading that allow up to six attributes to match with varied job categories!
  • With Community & Strategic Battle game play, players can form alliances or enemies within the 3 kingdoms to take on the challenges of the world!

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