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You can recruit and position Guild Members, by clicking on the Guild HQ once built in the center of your Camp.

Guild Members serve as your main weapon for raiding dungeons and returning with loots!

Guild HQ[edit | edit source]

To recruit a member to your guild you first need to have a Guild HQ Built.

Each Level of your Guild HQ will allow you to add 1 Resident Member to your guild. (Up to 35 Members)

From the Guild HQ window you can "Invite Members", "Position" and "Change Sub-Master".

Inviting a Member[edit | edit source]

In the Guild HQ Window you can Invite Members to your guild. Each Member is a random character class from the Ragnarok Online game.

Each Guild Member costs Zeny.

In the Window you can see the amount of Zeny you possess and the amount of Zeny it will cost to recruit another Guild Member.

Alternatively you can use a Character Capsule obtained through the Shop UI using Shop Points.   

Guild Members[edit | edit source]

Each Guild Member will come with a random set of skills to go along with their class and a set of class bonus stats.

You can Accept "Yes" or Regject "No" to any Member that might be presented to you.

Pressing "Yes" will add the new guild member to your Guild and will be unassigned.

From the Positioning Tab you can assign and unasign guild members to a home village.

From the "Change Sub-Master" tab in the Guild HQ window you will be able to asign a sub-master and benefit from their Sub-Master Bonuses.

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